Red Ombre Hair Styles: Radical Style Ideas

Red enticed your attention, and you now have a red ombre. You probably want to flaunt your new hair colour. Here are some styling tips for red ombre hair.

An ombre is a style that involves your hair being darkened at the roots and gradually changing to a lighter colour. Ombre is a great way to experiment with multiple colours, especially if you want to dye your hair red. There are many shades of red, including crimson and cherry tones. You can also mix and match these tones to create an ombre effect.

If you’re interested in learning how to dye your hair red ombre, scroll down. Continue reading to see 20 different ways to style your red ombre hair.

How To Do Red Ombre On Your Hair At Home

An ombre works by gradually changing the colour of the hair towards the ends. This is easier for blonde hair, as you can go in with your hair colour. However, it is difficult to do on dark hair. Before colouring your hair red, you must bleach the bottom of your dark hair.

These are some of the most stunning ways to style your red Ombre hair.

Auburn Waterfall

Long hair is the best choice for ombre colour jobs. The melting of rich auburn creates this stunning red ombre effect in her chocolate brown hair. You can use subtle magenta tones at the bottom to add dimension and depth to your hair.

Cherry Red Delight

Curls can enhance any ombre colour job. They work equally well on red-toned ombre styles. This bright cherry red colour adds an extra pop of colour to dull brown hair, creating a punk rock chic look.

Magenta-Toned Red Ombre

A jet black hair colour is the ideal canvas for any brightly coloured ombres you may want to experiment with. It works well with fiery reds. Try a red ombre with a little magenta undertone on straight black hair for a complete bombshell look.

Coral Red Obsession

A subdued orange-toned red is a good alternative if bright reds are not your style. The coral red ombre looks great on medium-length brown hair. It then descends into voluminous curls. This colour look is something I can’t get enough of. I don’t know if you do too.

Maroon Madness

Perhaps bright red is not for you. Perhaps you prefer earthier tones. No matter what your preference, there’s a red-ombre look that will suit you. Maroon is a subtle colour with beautiful beauty. Try an ombre effect with this shade on your mahogany-brown tresses to create a sophisticated look.

Scarlett of Spicy

You don’t have to go out if you want a red ombre. This dark scarlet shade blends well with any natural¬†dark hair colour. This stunning look can be completed with soft curls.

Reverse Ginger Ombre

You can flip the ombre idea on its head and choose a style opposite everyone believes it should be. Begin with a deep auburn colour at the roots, which gradually turns into a rich gold hue towards your ends. This scheme will create an illusion of length by pulling the eye down.

Red Chilli Rendezvous

This bangin’ red ombre style is sure to transform you into a butterfly. This particular ombre look stands out because the bright chilli red hue starts high on her long dark hair and then flows down in dramatic waves.

Vivacious Carmine

This look is bold and beautiful. The bright and elegant carmine colour stands out beautifully when paired with dark brown hair. This look is best if you keep it simple and focus on the beautiful red ombre.

Red Edged Ombre

You can mix up your red ombre look and stand out from others by adding a little colour to the edges. This bright red ombre looks great for long hair. However, you don’t want too much colour to overshadow your bob. This look will also be great with a jet black base.

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