The Best Hair Color for Hazel Eyes with Different Skin Tones

It can be not easy to choose a hair colour. Consider your skin tone, hair type, lifestyle and eye colour. There are many shades and colours to choose from. You may be confused about choosing the right colour for your eyes.

This article will help you choose the right hair colour for brown eyes. Hazel is one of the most versatile colours for your eyes. Hazel eyes are versatile because they can be paired with various hair colours. Below is a guide to help you choose the right hair colour and skin tone for your brown eyes.

What are the Best Hair Colors for Hazel Eyes?

The two main factors that determine the right hair colour for your brown eyes are the undertones of your eyes and your skin. The first factor is fairly easy to identify, but the second one requires a little more effort.

There are two main types of hazel eyes: hazel-green and hazel brown. This makes a difference when it comes down to choosing hair colours. Eyes with a green tint look better with cool shades such as platinum blonde and ash brown. On the other hand, eyes with a brown tint look best with rich colours like red, yellow, and brown.

It is more difficult to determine your skin’s tone. It is easiest to look at your wrists outside in the sun. To determine the colour of your veins, look at them. If your veins appear blue or purple, they are likely cool-toned. However, if they look green, they are probably warm-toned. It is possible to have a neutral complexion if you can’t tell if they are blue or green. Also known as olive skin, neutral skin tone can also be called “olive skin”.

The Best Hair Color for Hazel Eyes and Fairly Warm-Toned Skin

Your skin’s undertones will determine which hair colours you can wear. Rich yellow and red-based colours are best for those with warm skin like Mila Kunis. People with fair hair and brown eyes can look great in various light and dark hair colours.

Hair Color Ideas for Hazel Eyes with Fairly Warm-Toned Skin

  • Warm skin tones will look great in rich chocolate or chestnut brown shades. Brown hair can help to subdue any green flecks.
  • Dark mahogany would be a good choice for red-based colours. Burgundy with a hint of berry is another great option to compliment the green of your eyes.
  • It is best to keep your natural colour within a few shades, but light hair colours such as rich golden blondes work well with brown eyes and fair skin.

What hair colours should you avoid?

  • Avoiding ash browns is a good idea as they can make your skin look dull and drab.
  • Avoid cool colours like platinum blonde.
  • Warm skin does not like blue or green-based colour combinations.
  • Women with fair, warm-toned skin should avoid black.

The Best Hair Color for Hazel Eyes and Fairly Cool-Toned Skin

For those with cool skin, pink undertones signify that you have cooler skin. Combining this with brown eyes can allow you to achieve many hair colours. This skin tone looks amazing in all shades, from the lightest to the darkest.

Hair Color Ideas for Hazel Eyes with Fairly Cool-Toned Skin

Write about which colours are most suitable for fair skin and brown eyes.

  • For fair women with brown eyes and cool skin, black is a great choice. The contrast of the dark colour in black brings out the gold and green flecks in your eyes.
  • Hazelnut browns, ash browns and blondes complement cool skin tones and bring out your golden flecks. The green dots are best brought out by browns darker than chocolate.
  • Fair-toned, cool-toned women are best able to pull off light buttery blondes and platinum blondes. These colours will also highlight the green in your eyes.
  • Blue and green bases are great for bold colours.

Which Hair Colors to Avoid

  • It is best to avoid red-based colours if you have very pale skin. They can cause your skin to look dry and blotchy.
  • This skin tone is incompatible with rich golden blondes, strawberry blondes, or shades of orange.
  • Cool skin tones will not be compatible with gold-based browns.

Best Hair Color for Olive Skin Tone and Hazel Eyes

If you have olive skin, you’re lucky! You have the most desirable eye colour. Your skin tone can match almost any hair colour. Olive skin is also referred to as neutral skin and pairs well with almost any colour. You can have blondes, browns and blacks or even blues.

Hair Color Ideas for Hazel Eyes with Olive Skin

  • Golden blonde, or light platinum blonde. Warm and cool tones of blonde look great on olive skin. Choose the lighter shades if you want to bring out the green in your eyes and highlight the gold.
  • You are likely to be a brunette by nature. To get the best results, keep your natural hair colour within a few shades when choosing a brown. You may be able to see the green in your eyes with darker browns.
  • Olive skin can be adorned with almost any shade of red, bright or deep. They can also be used to contrast beautifully with your brown eyes’ green.
  • Black is also an excellent choice for olive-skinned women.

Which Hair Colors to Avoid

  • Avoid orange-based colours as they can be too similar to your skin.


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