8 Points to Check Before You Hire a Wooden Flooring Expert

Let’s say Peter is building a house at a prime location. He is very particular about his building materials and is also careful about flooring. He prefers solid hardwood flooring and would love to hire an expert contractor to do it. However, he is unsure how to do it.

This article will help you if you’re in the same position as Peter or if you want to learn how to replace your flooring with high-quality wooden flooring.

Hardwood is a great choice for flooring. There are many styles to choose from, so you can experiment with different colors and combinations of area and floor rugs to make a modern fashion statement.

It is crucial to hire professionals in the field, as it’s the way that your wooden flooring is installed which speaks volumes.

What to Consider Before Hiring a Wooden flooring Specialist in wellington

1. Expertise

This is the most important factor in selecting a wood flooring company. The job is only half done when you have an expert on your side. This research can be done online or by asking others.

You can take out your list and visit the websites of the wooden flooring companies. There you will find information about the type of installation they have done, the materials they are skilled in, how they prepare subfloors, adhesives used, and the standards for sanding and finishing.

Wooden flooring projects require a lot of planning and foresight. The company should have a qualified team, certified professionals, and the right equipment to ensure a high-quality job. Check out the reputation of the company and their team while you are looking at the details.

You can also verify if they are members NWFA (National Wood Flooring Association). You don’t need to be worried if they are members of the a href=”http://www.nwfa.org/”>NWFA (National Wood Flooring Association). They have highly trained staff and professionals who will take care of you.

This organization provides resources to members that continuously improve their skills. You can find out more about the company, their awards and felicitations, and other accreditations.

2. Review Company References

Following the steps above will make it easier to focus on a few well-respected wooden flooring companies. Next, go to their websites and look at customer testimonials.

It would make it much easier to reach out to the people who have hired you to share their experiences with you before making your final decision. Here are some questions to ask:

  1. Did the company have a complete understanding of the job?
  2. Are the rates reasonable?
  3. They completed the task on time
  4. Did they clean up after the job was completed?
  5. Did the work meet the standards?

You can request to see the licenses, insurance, and other documents of your potential employees to ensure that you are hiring qualified people.

3. Request a detailed quote in writing

This is not all. To ensure that the project goes smoothly, there are many other factors. Before you sign any contract with a wood flooring company, it is essential that you get a written agreement.

Make sure you have a legally binding contract. It should include all details of the project.

1 Scope of work

The scope of work section will include details about milestones and deliverables. The scope of work section will include details about the labor and materials required to complete the wood flooring project. This includes information on whether it involves repairing, refinishing existing wood flooring or material handling.

2 Types of wooden floor installation

The flooring type you choose will depend on your location and your specific needs. Installation method: Standard, diagonal, picture frame boards, Basket weave, Parquet or custom inlays. There will be variations in the installation method. These should be discussed with the contractor. The contract will need to include the final requirements. This is crucial because the type of wooden floor chosen will affect its longevity.

3) Installation cost

Everything boils down ultimately to the cost of installation. It is important to have a breakdown of costs for wood, adhesives and other materials used, labor costs and removal of any previous flooring. Also, it should include the type and condition subfloors and whether decorative items are being installed. Finally, you need to determine the location. Waste disposal will increase the cost of installation.

4) Deadlines to complete work

Only if deadlines have been met, work progress can be monitored. You must set a deadline for every stage of your project, from moisture testing to leveling the floor, and all the way through installation.

4. A wide range of timber species

Choosing the right timber flooring to fit your home is a big decision. It is an integral part in room decor. Therefore, it is important to consider the color scheme of furniture and walls. Then you can choose from a variety of timber options, including parquet, solid hardwood and reclaimed boards. Some flooring types do not require a subfloor. However, some bundles of planks can look very uninspiring without being laid.

Ask your contractor about the variety of timber species that he offers and then choose the one that is most suitable for you and your climatic conditions. It is important that the timber flooring blends well with its surroundings. Aesthetics comes next. It should be elegant and have an authentic appeal that breaks up monotony.

5. Monitoring the Moisture Content and Acclimation of Hardwood

You must ask the contractor how he will adapt the wood to the new environment. Your home. To match the EMC, the wood must be properly seasoned.

Each reputable wooden flooring company will have a specialist who monitors the moisture content of the floors and subfloors by taking moisture content meters readings throughout the installation process. He should also monitor the humidity and moisture levels in the room and the surrounding areas.

Because solid hardwood floors tend to shrink in summer and expand during monsoons, this is crucial. It is essential to properly acclimatize hardwood floors by bringing them to work and leaving them there for at most 3 days.

6. Preparation for the suitable subfloor

Wood flooring installation is dominated by the subfloor. The quality of your floor will be guaranteed if the subfloor has been prepared properly. The contractor should be able tell you how he intends to prepare the subfloor as well as the materials he will use to do it.

For subfloor installation, plywood is the best choice. Check factors such as flatness, smoothness and moisture content. Also, check the cement to sand ratio. Before preparing the subfloor.

You should also ask the contractor how he will evaluate the subfloor for moisture and strength. What adhesive will be used? You should also ask him what method he uses to prevent moisture migration.

7. It is important to take precautions

Wood can have serious health consequences if it is not properly handled. The company must take all precautions when sawing, sanding, and finishing.

Learn what precautions they will follow when handling organic solvents or other toxic substances such as epoxies and polyurethane, nitrocellulose resins, and urea formaldehyde.

To avoid any lingering effects, dust and toxic fumes should be contained and cleaned up at the end each day. It is crucial to understand where and how they will perform the sawing work.

8. Post Installation Customer Care

You will have a beautiful home once the wooden flooring has been installed. The job is far from over. Regular maintenance may be necessary. What can your contractor tell me about post-installation care?

They should be able and willing to help you with high-heeled shoes, spills, and pets. They should be available to you for advice and support after installation.


Timber flooring is the best choice for hardwood flooring. It is eco-friendly and can be used in any home. It is important to know if the timber comes from sustainable forests or certified sources. Wood manufacturers must also be certified.

Before the work starts, be sure to ask any additional questions. It is crucial to find a wood flooring company that has experience in the job.

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