A Useful Guide To Picking Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

It would help if you had sunglasses no matter the weather. Finding sunglasses that fit your face shape can be difficult. They should complement your cheekbones, brow shape and width and look stylish. A good pair of sunglasses can make you more confident and add style to your look. There are many choices, from large-sized sunglasses to cat-eye models.

There are so many choices to make that it’s easy to get confused when choosing the right pair of sunglasses to match your face. Continue reading to find out which sunglasses are best for your face shape and which type of sunglasses you should choose.

How to Measure Your Face

Measurement Tape

  1. Measure the length of your face from the cheekbones to the top.
  2. Look closely at your jawline to determine if it’s round or sharp.
  3. Measure the length of your head from your forehead to your chin.
  4. The width of your forehead is important. This will determine which type of sunglasses are best for your face.

Here’s a quick and simple way to measure your face without using tape.

With a Credit Card

  1. Stand in front of a mirror with a debit/credit card.
  2. Place one tip of the card vertically on your nose. The other tip should be towards your eyes.
  3. You have a small face shape if the card extends beyond your corner of the eye.
  4. If the card touches your corner, you have a medium-sized face.
  5. If it does not reach the corner of your eye, you may have a large-shaped face.

How to determine your face shape and choose the right sunglasses

Oval Face Shape

  1. Your oval face is formed when your chin and cheekbones are rounded. Your face’s length is greater than its width. This results in a wide forehead and narrow jaw.
  2. With aviators, cat-eye frames, or butterfly sunglasses, oval faces look great. They enhance the natural structure of your face and don’t disrupt it. Also, sunglasses with smooth-lined frames look great. Avoid large glasses that will cover your eyebrows.

The Heart Shape for the Face

  1. Your face looks like an inverted triangle. Your forehead is wider than your chin, which is the narrowest area of your face. Your face’s width is larger than its length. Your face is wider than your neck. This face shape is well-suited for teardrop sunglasses. But, it is a no-no to wear large frames. You can also choose small frames with a narrower bridge. Aviators and round glasses are the best options.

Round Face Shape

  1. Your face is almost equal in length and width. Your chin is small and rounded with sharp angles. Your hairline appears smooth and even.
  2. We recommend that you wear something longer because your face shape is oval. These sunglasses look great on you. These sunglasses look stunning in dark colours, so make sure to get oversized ones. Aviators and cat-eyed sunglasses are also great choices. These can improve your face shape and give your skin personality.

Square Face Shape

  1. A square-shaped face will have very similar lengths and widths. Your edges are sharp and angular. Your hairline is straight and smooth.
  2. Get oversized sunglasses. Larger sunglasses will look great on you because your features are well-defined and sharp. Bold colours are also available in oval or round frames. These frames will define and highlight your brows and make your cheekbones pop.

Triangular face shape

Your forehead and cheekbones are narrow. Your face narrows toward your temples. Your chin is square and broad. Choose sunglasses with a wide upper half and large frames. The best glasses for you are cat-eyed. Frameless glasses are more casual if you prefer a more playful look. Sunglasses can be a great accessory. Sunglasses come in various styles, including oversized, bold frames or cat-eyed, sassy sunglasses. They are always a bold statement. Let’s look at the sunglasses available to help you choose your style.


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