Handbag Trends For The Year

Handbags are an absolutely essential item for the women of today. These functional accessories have evolved to become the style statement for women all over the world. That is why retailers and the markets are overloaded with varieties in handbags. From the large totes that help women carry their world with them to the petite clutches that can be the center of focus in any event, one can find endless options in handbags for women. These can be bought from the flagship stores of designers and the top brands all over the world or the countless shops that deal in accessories for women. The trendy handbags for the year are:

1. Messenger bags

These bags are tiny but do justice to the saying “good things come in small packages”. Messenger bags are fun and compact. They are very easy to carry in crowded places and have enough room to carry the essentials like one’s license, ID, keys etc. However, it is predicted that the popularity of the messenger bags is will be among young women. One worth mentioning messenger bag is ‘Gia’, which is available for women in more than a few colors.

2. Vivid colors

For the year 2013 buy bags in strong colors. Nothing can better than a bag in emerald color which is also the ruling hue of the season. However, when using handbags in strong or bold colors, you must make sure to match at least one piece of your attire with it to complete the look. Also be sure to match your shoes with your bag.

3. Document clutch

Most of the revered brands and designers have introduced the oversized document clutch to go with different outfits this season. The models on the ramps flaunting these clutches look chic. Document clutches are available in a number of colors and sizes and will surely make a simple outfit look extraordinary. When looking for document clutches, buy ones which come with optional straps to change the look of these clutches into purses any time you want.

4. Baroque bags

These ornate bags are a must have for the women who want to show off a vintage inspired look for the season. These handbags come in different sizes which women can select from according to their needs.

Some other options in handbags include:

a. Metal incorporated handbags that have made a comeback this season and are very popular among women of all ages
b. Geometrical shaped bags, which go perfectly well with streamlined designs in shoes
c. Quilted purses that can be displayed both during the day and at night events

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